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Simple Two-Word Midjourney Prompts Produced These AI Masterpieces

by Nick Smith
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Midjourney Two Word Prompts - Drip Drop

In the wild, crazy world of AI-generated images, Midjourney prompts can often be long and complex, involving various parameters and keywords. These are often necessary to produce specific types of images in Midjourney, such as photo-realistic portraits.

However, what if we told you that simple TWO-word prompts could create mesmerizing images in Midjourney too? This strategy is similar to creating images from song lyrics, but it takes things further by only using two words.

On this page, we’ll dive into five images that were generated using only two-word prompts. Once you’re finished reading, our goal is to prove that although it’s generally better to use more than two words, simple prompts can still produce incredible art.

Even though Midjourney v5 has been released (and as a subscriber, I have access to it), I used v4 to produce all these images. Why would I downgrade before attempting to create art with only TWO words? It may seem counterintuitive, but v4 works better when given fewer instructions, at least for now.

Also, keep in mind that not all of the two-word prompts I tested produced cool results. Often, the final product was garbage. Like anything, it takes some testing.

Let’s begin.

Midjourney Prompt #1: “Bubble Time”

Midjourney Two Word Prompts - Bubble Time

It’s bubble time.

What does bubble time mean?

I actually don’t know, but it sounded cool and abstract enough to see what would happen if I used it in Midjourney.

The bubbles look incredible and include reflections and a full rainbow of sharp colors.

Was someone taking a bath here? Was a child blowing bubbles? We’ll never know for sure, but this image makes you wonder.

Midjourney Prompt #2: “Drip Drop”

Midjourney Two Word Prompts - Drip Drop

It’s a drop that’s also dripping. Literally.

To get these types of colors, reflections, lighting, gradients, and shot quality, I would’ve thought you’d NEED to use more than two words in your prompt.

Although it’s better to, apparently you don’t need to.

The accumulation of the oil-like substance at the bottom looks absolutely sick, and my mind is blow once again.

Midjourney Prompt #3: “Marble Fire”

Midjourney Two Word Prompts - Marble Fire

The most badass marble I’ve seen.

It’s as if Earth made contact with hell, and belligerently wiped out everything in its way.

A good follow-up to this prompt would be to see if you can recreate these marbles but multiply them by 100 and do something crazy with them. There’s your mission. Do it!

Midjourney Prompt #4: “Candy Mountains”

Midjourney Two Word Prompts - Candy Mountain

Yum. Midjourney took a page right of out Candy Land, made it 3D, and more delicious.

This is more than just candy mountains. It’s a candy lake, candy island, candy balloons, and an entire candy world to get lost in.

Midjourney Prompt #5: “Neon City”

Midjourney Two Word Prompts - Neon City

I saved the best for last.

This one is so cool that I almost want to get a print of it for my wall.

It feels futuristic, even though I didn’t instruct the tool to be that way. It has a comic book vibe and takes place somewhere in Asia, but again, I didn’t even tell it to do that. It just knew it would be cool.

If you look very closely, you’ll see that the horizon line conveys a sense of the unknown. It’s as if the world disappears at that point and doesn’t come back. I hope the driver of the one car on the nearly empty street knows that. It’s an eerie observation, but one that makes my head spin.

In conclusion, these five mesmerizing images demonstrate the power of simple two-word prompts to generate stunning AI-generated art using Midjourney. From the first to last image on this page, it highlights the potential of AI and the beauty of simplicity. So next time you find yourself in need of inspiration or an idea, remember the power of a simple two-word prompt, and the incredible art that can be created with it as a result.

Type a couple words into Midjourney and press “Enter”. See what happens. You might be surprised.

How did you like this content? Did you create something cool with just two words in your prompt too? Let me know in the comments below!

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