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Awesome Midjourney Logo Prompts: Create a Perfect Logo in Just One Minute!

by Nick Smith
Midjourney Logo Hero

Creating logos with prompts in Midjourney is surprisingly awesome. It’s great. It’s absolutely fantastic.

It’s especially good since the newest version of Midjourney (v6) can now create the letters and words you want (to an extent…you may need to experiment).

I didn’t know it was possible to create perfect logos with Midjourney until I just now tried running some prompts to make it happen. 

You know, maybe we created the Run The Prompts logo a little too early.


Just kidding, we all know the Run The Prompts logo is perfect, right? I mean, just look at it!

So… who are Midjourney logo prompts useful for? Other than us 11 months ago? 

Graphic Designers can use Midjourney to create a set of mockup logos for clients and then create the final version of the logo by combining Midjourney with their design skills. But that begs the question… do you need to hire one, now that Midjourney is so good at logos?

To begin today’s post, let’s find out.

Should You Hire a Graphic Designer to Design Your Logo or Just Use Midjourney? 

It depends. But here’s the good news: I’m going to make this decision easy for you. 

If all of the bullet points below apply to you, then you can skip the graphic designer and just use Midjourney to create your logo:

  • Your logo doesn’t consist of a lot of letters or words. Midjourney has a hard time with a lot of specific letters and words, for now.
  • You aren’t overly picky about the exact details of your logo.
  • You have a clear vision of what you want it to look like vs. what you do not want it to look like. Remember, a designer won’t be there to help you.
  • You are comfortable with using a vectorizer tool like Vectorizer.AI or Adobe Illustrator to get your logo in the proper vector format for things like print. That is, assuming you want to print your logo. Who wouldn’t want their logo on a tote bag?
  • You either have a Midjourney subscription or are planning to get one. It ain’t free. Not sure if you should buy one? Check out our guide on whether a Midjourney subscription is worth it.

16 Midjourney Logo Prompts

Now that we have all that out of the way, it’s your lucky day. I’m going to show you 16 awesome Midjourney logo prompts. You’ll be able to create corporate logos, graffiti logos, sports team logos, tech company logos, and all kinds of craziness in between with the prompts below.

1. Baseball Team Logo: The Cocks

Midjourney can create awesome sports team logos. See for yourself. Check out The Cocks.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Baseball team logo for “Cocks”, giant chicken, bold, intimidating, black, green, white, red, modern –v 6.0

2. Art Gallery Logo

Starting an art gallery sometime soon? We’ve got you covered.

Art Gallery Logo - Midourney

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Art gallery logo by Saul Bass, green and black, psychedelic –v 6.0

3. Logo for Brawndo “The Thirst Mutilator”

Brawndo is the infamous sports drink from the funny but dumb movie “Idiocracy.” It’s got electrolytes.

Midjourney - Brawndo Logo from Idiocracy

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
https://s.mj.run/IpZKAgxMph8 “Brawndo” logo, edgy sports drink logo, in the style of Gatorade, green, orange, white, black, lightening bolt –v 6.0


4. Run The Prompts (RTP) on a Train in Germany in 1943

Okay, I know. This isn’t exactly a “logo,” but it’s still amazing that it’s possible to do this.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Logo of “RTP” in graffiti style on an old train in Germany in 1943, urban, hip, cool, rebellious –v 6.0

5. Thailand Weed Dispensary Logo: High Land

High Land rhymes with Thailand.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Logo for a Marijuana Dispensary in Thailand, green and black colors, bold, include the phrase “High Land”. –v 6.0

6. Boring Logo

This is what came to mind when I asked Midjourney to create a logo for a “successful brand.” Interesting.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
A minimalistic logo of a successful brand –v 6.0

7. Detroit Murder Mitten T-Shirt Logo

It’s a logo inside of a neat design. We could use this as an art piece for our Murder Mitten office in Detroit.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Logo of “Murder Mitten”, Detroit office, ghetto, depressing, clouds, modern, black background –v 6.0

8. The Letter “N”: Computer Company

My name starts with an “N,” and I wanted to see what a cool logo would look like for a computer company with that letter.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Letter N, logo, computer company, logo vector art, simple, no realistic details, flat, simple, gray background –v 6.0

9. The Letter “N”: Corporate

Same here, only this one is arguably better.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Corporate logo with the letter “N”, vector art, modern, bold, clean, simple, cliche –v 6.0

10. Vector Palm Tree Logo

Midjourney can also create versatile/generic logos like this with the right prompt, which can be incorporated into other types of logo designs.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Flat vector logo of palm tree, minimal graphic, by Sagi Haviv –v 6.0

11. RTP Puzzle Logo

The puzzle effect here is really cool. I highly recommend experimenting with this method.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Abstract logo of letters “RTP” from black and green neon colored puzzles on black background, psychedelic, depth, mesmerizing –v 6.0

12. Cool Sphere Logo

Notice how this Midjourney prompt is a series of full sentences rather than words. Technically, this is the way Midjourney would like people to prompt their newest iteration of the platform.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
A minimalistic logo, a stylized sphere with an aura effect set against a black background. The sphere is rendered in shades of green and red, evoking feelings of creativity. The aura effect adds a touch of mysticism and ethereal quality. The design is clean and modern, with a focus on negative space and a sense of balance. –v 6.0

13. Designing a Better Detroit Tigers Logo

Not a huge fan of a logo? Make a better one with a prompt! Honestly, this Detroit Tigers baseball logo is far better than their current logo. Crazy to think that AI made it.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Illustration flat design tiger warrior mascot baseball logo, “Tigers”, sketch style, black background, by Paul Rand –v 6.0

14. The Ultimate Corporate Company Logo

This image prompt is pretty crazy. It includes images of my favorite corporate logos: Nike, Apple, Hyundai, and Pepsi. Try your favorite logos in an image prompt and see what happens.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
https://s.mj.run/18rYAfI9d6U https://s.mj.run/5sH4dReNc8s https://s.mj.run/Tuof-4Kew7s https://s.mj.run/B7QIM5_z9DM Awesome corporate logo, dark blue, black background –v 6.0

15. Designing a Better X Logo – 1

The current condom wrapper X (formally Twitter) logo is garbage, so I made a better one with Midjourney.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Logo of “X”, a social media app, technology, black background, minimalistic, cool, modern, hip, mesmerizing, awesome, vector art –v 6.0

16. Designing a Better X Logo – 2

I really hate the current X logo, so I decided to make two of them.

Copy/Paste into Midjourney:
Logo of “X”, a social media app, technology, black background, green and blue, minimalistic, cool, modern, hip, mesmerizing, awesome, vector art –v 6.0


Wrapping up Midjourney Logo Prompts

So… now you have all kinds of Midjourney logo prompts at your disposal to play with. You’re welcome! In typical Run The Prompts fashion, nothing was off-limits.

As always, the types of images that can be created with Midjourney stretch as far as your imagination and prompts can take you. As usual, it excels at just about any creative idea you throw at it, and logos are no exception.

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