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Best Prompts for ChatGPT to Write Like a Human Being!

by Nick Smith
Robot writing on paper at a desk in a neon-lit office

Most of the time, ChatGPT’s writing does not sound like it came from a human. That’s where this article comes in. We’re here to show you how to solve this problem for good and make ChatGPT write like a human so you can cheat on your homework, write your cringe wedding vows, or even get your ex back. Not really, though.

These prompts will help you make ChatGPT produce content that feels authentically human and fantastically real.

Understanding Human-like Content

So, what does “human-like” content even mean? How does something sound human? Well, it involves several key elements:

  1. Personas: Tailoring the AI’s voice to mimic a specific individual.
  2. Personal Experience: Incorporating unique stories and insights.
  3. Fact Insertion: Using up-to-date and relevant data.
  4. Perplexity and Burstiness: Varying sentence structure and vocabulary.

AI is not good at naturally doing these things unless you specifically instruct it to do them. So, now you have a new job: hack ChatGPT’s natural robotic voice and replace it with one that sounds like it has a pulse. You’ll be fooling everyone in no time. Let’s party.  

Effective Prompts to Humanize ChatGPT

1. Make ChatGPT Write Like You

To make ChatGPT write like you, simply provide an example of your writing and follow these instructions and prompts.

Step 1. First, simply run this prompt.

Step 2. Next, run this prompt immediately after it in the same chat.

Screenshot of ChatGPT writing prompt analysis of writing tone, structure, and humor.

2. Insert Facts Into ChatGPT’s Content

Using recent and specific data can make AI content more credible and human-sounding.

Screenshot of ChatGPT writing prompt about SEO with specific facts.

3. Add Perplexity and Burstiness

Avoid repetitive and robotic language by varying sentence length and structure. I bet you didn’t see this one coming. And no, we aren’t referring to Perplexity AI here. That’s something different.

Screenshot of ChatGPT writing prompt about lifting weights as a fat man.

Combining ChatGPT Prompts for the Maximum Human Effect

Want the final solution? Using these prompts together can significantly improve the human-like quality of your content, all at once.

Screenshot of ChatGPT prompt about the most awkward wedding in history with guidance and analyzed style.

BONUS: Chat with a Human Being (Kind of!)

Want to chat with a human being?

I’m not sure why anyone would want to do that, and that’s why we created Human Being. Human Being is a GPT (bot) that we created to sound as human-like as possible. 

It’s currently rated 4.9 out of 5 stars and has over 700 chats. See why so many people are running the prompts with Human Being.

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Wrapping it up

By following these guidelines and running these prompts, you can significantly enhance the human-like quality of your AI-generated content. This approach not only improves readability but also engages your audience more effectively.

If you found this guide helpful at all, then please do us a huge favor and share this content with all of your coworkers, your entire LinkedIn network, and everyone in your phone’s contacts. If you don’t, we’ll find out. Not really, though.

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