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Best ChatGPT Therapist Prompts – AI is Here to Dry Your Tears

by Nick Smith
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Robot AI Therapist

ChatGPT can do a lot of incredible things and being a therapist is one of them. All you need is the right ChatGPT therapist prompts, and you’re well on your way to squashing all your problems. You came to the right place. High five. Let’s get started!

Could an AI Therapist Be Better Than a Human Therapist?

A study in 2023 found that people rate AI as more empathetic than actual doctors. That doesn’t exactly shock me. AIs don’t judge, they don’t get drunk on the job, they don’t size you up, and they don’t tell anyone what you said. And when you tell them a problem, they don’t look at you like they’re trying to crack a safe.

Turning ChatGPT into a therapist is a great idea and the number one reason is that going to therapy is NOT free, which is NOT cool. They charge you for that. Crazy. ChatGPT is free (unless you pay for ChatGPT Plus, of course). It’s like choosing between a fancy drink at Starbucks or just using the free office coffee—both will give you diarrhea, but one doesn’t rape your wallet.

I know that using a bot is not a recommended substitution for a human therapist, but this free alternative, having all available information summarized and presented to you in seconds, is very cool.

On the downside, a ChatGPT therapist lacks the human touch. There is a certain connection you get from speaking with another human about your problems that AI may never be able to replicate. There are also nuances about the human experience that ChatGPT doesn’t understand (yet?), and it also clearly lacks any real human experience. So, the advice you receive from an AI will most likely come off as less authentic (for now).


How to Use ChatGPT as a Therapist While Retaining Your Privacy

Now, if you’re using ChatGPT as your pseudo-therapist, here’s a pro tip: Use ChatGPT while logged out and switch off training data. Better yet, turn on a VPN and use an Incognito browser window. Just because it’s not a human therapist doesn’t mean it can’t be private. 

To turn off training data to be more private, just go to chat.openai.com, do NOT log in, click the “?” icon in the bottom-right corner of the page, click on “Settings”, and disable the toggle that says “Improve the model for everyone”.

A Few Nuances to Keep in Mind Before Running the Prompts

Consider each therapist prompt on this page as your creative canvas. Ditch the bits you don’t want and sprinkle in what you do want. Why not play mix and match? Swap elements between prompts to concoct your ultimate ChatGPT therapist prompt. It’s like being a bartender for words—shake it up and see what masterpiece you can mix.

Therapist prompts and ChatGPT’s voice mode can create quite the therapy session if you’re into full immersion. But let’s be real—if the robotic twang from ChatGPT throws you off your game and pulls you out of the experience, you might want to stick to traditional typing. And a word to the wise: maybe save the voice mode for your private habitat, not for the office, a flight, or, well, anywhere public. Unless, of course, you’re aiming to be the next viral sensation on YouTube with a prank that gets everyone talking. If you can cry on command and act, you might just hit the jackpot! I get 20% though.

Meet Rick Smith – This Guy Needs Therapy Badly!

As for me, I’m practically flawless—no therapy is needed here! But let’s talk about my Chief Technology Officer, Rick Smith. Ricky… where to start? 

Rick Smith - Chief Technology Officer, Run The Prompts

At 29, Ricky is the embodiment of chaos and dumpster fires. 

He’s a coke addict and has been married and divorced three times—talk about loving alimony! 

And then there’s his offspring—seven lunatic children who will probably grow up to be more degenerate Run The Prompts fans. Rick’s idea of a family day out is a solo trip to Vegas with a lit joint, rolling bourbon-stained dice, and hoping he hits the jackpot just to keep the lights on in his tiny apartment in the murder mitten.

So yeah, Rick needs therapy, but we all know therapy can be a little embarrassing. To make it less embarrassing, I had Rick sit down with me and the AI therapist ChatGPT and tell me what to type on his behalf. Rick can be a little bashful sometimes too, so I figured this method would be easier for him.

ChatGPT Therapist Prompts

The moment you’ve been waiting for…the prompts. Because I like you, I even provided you with screenshots of the conversations I had with each AI therapist with Rick Smith. That will give you a taste of what to expect when traveling down the rabbit hole.

Prompt #1: Expert-Level, Human-Sounding Psychotherapist

ChatGPT Therapist - Conversation with Rick Smith - 1

Prompt #2: Extremely Nice, Warm, and Friendly Therapist

ChatGPT Therapist - Conversation with Rick Smith - 2

Prompt #3: Direct, Funny, and Sarcastic Therapist

ChatGPT Therapist - Conversation with Rick Smith - 3

Wrapping it up

So, how did you like these ChatGPT therapist prompts? If you’re feeling daring, feel free to send me screenshots of your conversations, as well as your name, phone number, and date of birth. Not really though.

Here’s the deal: it’s not just about throwing out questions but crafting conversations that resonate. Think of it as digital therapy without the steep costs. Pretty cool.

Hold up—creating these prompts is more of an art than a science. It’s about laying the groundwork for impactful chats, not just mechanical responses. How engaging can you make it? Can your prompts encourage deep reflection? The ones we gave you are great, but with a little tinkering, I’m sure you can create the perfect AI therapist just for you.

This is your chance to create something smart and supportive. Who says therapy can’t be digital, lively, and effective? Well, I guess nobody…yet. We’ll see if Rick gets his sh*t together.

Disclaimer: this is NOT medical advice. If you need any kind of medical help, then go visit a medical professional. This post is for informational purposes only. Also, Rick Smith is not a real person. He’s an AI character. He only exists in the warped imagination of his creator: Nick Smith.

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