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19 Fun & Cool Things to Do With ChatGPT (That You Haven’t Tried of Yet)!

by Nick Smith
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There are all kinds of fun and cool things to do with ChatGPT that you probably haven’t thought of yet. I’m here to help you find new ways to explore the greatest tool ever made (ChatGPT). Not only that, I’m here to teach myself new ways to use the tool to have more fun. So, this was kind of a selfish article. Don’t worry, you’ll get over it once you experience all the cool stuff I give to you here.

We’ve already provided you with all kinds of funny things to ask ChatGPT a few months ago. It’s our 38th most popular post (out of 61 total posts) now according to our analytics. Therefore, if you haven’t already read it, go do that soon.

Back to the topic, however. Have you ever mindlessly gazed into ChatGPT and wondered: “How could this possibly be fun, cool, or exciting?” That’s where we come in. Let’s begin.

1. Play Cool Word Games with GPT

Word games aren’t just for grandmothers anymore. They’re perfect for anyone feeling a little bored and looking for a bit of fun. Luckily, ChatGPT is here to grant your wish for engaging word games, all for free.

Prompt: “Let’s play a game of Wordle. Give me a 5-letter word and I’ll try to guess it in 6 tries.” 

Prompt: “Start a game of Ghost (the word-building game). I’ll go first: A” 

Prompt: “Give me a random 7-letter word and I’ll try to make as many smaller words from its letters.”

2. Fun Creative Writing Exercises

Let’s get creative. Expand the right side of your brain and watch what leaks out the other side.

Prompt: “Write a scene with the line of dialogue ‘[quote]’ but don’t reveal who said it or the context.” 

Prompt: “Give me a story opening with the line ‘[first line]’ and I’ll try to continue it.” 

Prompt: “Let’s take turns writing a few lines each to collaboratively write a short story.”

3. Analyze TV Shows & Movies with ChatGPT

ChatGPT knows pretty much all of your favorite movies, books, and TV shows. Even the cringy, embarrassing ones. Don’t let that knowledge go to waste. Use the tool the way other people are not using it by using the prompts below.

Prompt: “Summarize the plot of [movie/book/show] for me. Do not include any spoilers.” 

Prompt: “Explain the deeper meaning and themes explored in [movie/book/show].” 

Prompt: “Rewrite the ending of [movie/book/show] alternately.”

4. ChatGPT: The Endless Recommendation Engine

Don’t trust a recommendation from a friend, coworker, or family member. They don’t know anything, and they usually just want to waste your time with bad recommendations. 

Trust recommendations coming from an algorithm that has ingested the entirety of the internet instead, okay? 

On a serious note, yeah. Give these prompts a try.

Prompt: “Recommend some [genre] books/movies/shows I might enjoy if I liked [titles].” 

Prompt: “What are the must-see tourist attractions in [city]? Please just avoid [activities you don’t like].” 

Prompt: “Suggest some fun date night ideas in [city]. Do not make them too [cheap/expensive/fancy/casual/etc.].”

5. Creative Exercises (No Gym Required)

Do some exercises without sweating like an animal or hitting the gym like a Chad. These prompts are great for indulging in mind-altering substances (according to our Chief Technology Officer, Rick Smith).

Prompt: “Write a short poem about [object] from the perspective of a [profession].” 

Prompt: “Describe what [common object] might say or think if it could talk.” 

Prompt: “Come up with a funny joke about [topic] but don’t give the punchline. I’ll try to guess it.”

6. Fun Trivia/Quizzes Courtesy of ChatGPT

ChatGPT can become an endless quiz game for you on whatever topic you’d like. Even cringe pop culture.

Prompt: “Make a 10-question quiz about [topic] with multiple choice answers.”

Prompt: “Let’s play a guessing game where you give me Yes/No clues about a famous person/place and I try to guess who/what it is.”

7. Play Cool Text-Based Games

A lot of people don’t know this, but ChatGPT can generate text-based games instantly and on-demand. 

ChatGPT can spin up engaging and entertaining games that change characters and storylines as you go, so it’s never the same game twice.

Who needs a PS5? Not you anymore at least.

Prompt: “Create a text-based adventure game set in [setting/genre].”

8. Build Your Own Games with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can create simple games like Snake, Tic-Tac-Toe, Tetris, and even Flappy Bird. This is a huge deal and gives even the dumbest people on earth the ability to create dumb games! Be sure to test and refine the game via ChatGPT until it produces the game you want.

Prompt: “Write code for a simple [game type] game in [programming language]. Start by asking me the series of questions you need answers to to effectively build the game.”

9. Learn a New Language

Taking a trip to Thailand?

Take ChatGPT in your luggage!

Also, let’s not forget the new voice mode coming soon to GPT-4o that can act as a REAL-TIME translator for a ton of languages. It may prevent you from even wanting to learn a new language. 

Prompt: “I want to learn [language]. Give me a conversation between two people ordering food at a restaurant in that language and translate it to [my language].”

10. Get Recipes from GPT

If recipes are fun to you, then check this out!

Prompt: “Give me 5 easy recipes using [ingredients].” 

Prompt: “I need a recipe for [dish] that is [dietary restriction].”

11. Plan Cool Trips to Anywhere on Earth

Still going to Thailand? Let’s just assume you are, since I used Thailand in my other example, okay? 

Use the master trip planner prompt below to easily get a first draft of your trip itinerary and save a TON of time searching the internet for what to do.

Also, be sure to use Perplexity for this prompt!

Prompt: “Create an itinerary for a [#] day trip to [destination] focused on [interests]. Avoid these activities: [activities you don’t like]. We have a [large/medium/small] budget.”

12. Turn Brain Fog into a Cloud of Ideas with ChatGPT

Let ChatGPT help you with your next brainstorming session. Take the AI’s ideas, mix them with your own, and your brainstorming will never be the same.

Prompt: “Give me ideas on [objective/goal you want to accomplish] for [type of project/business/etc] related to [topic/industry].”

13. It’s Tutoring Time

ChatGPT is the absolute greatest double-edged sword for education. 

On the sharp end that helps you slay through life, it can act as the greatest tutor you’ve ever had. Even better than the hot one you secretly wanted to date.

Prompt: “Explain [concept] to me like I’m a [1st / 2nd / 3rd / etc. grade] student.” 

Prompt: “Tutor me on how to solve this [problem/equation].”

14. Creative Storytelling with ChatGPT

Check out these ChatGPT storytelling prompts for a fresh-off-the-press bedtime story, a fairy tale that might just outshine your childhood favorites, and who knows what else. 

Spoiler alert: you might enjoy them more than scrolling aimlessly through social media. Or more likely, your small children or little nephews will enjoy them more than the iPad they’ve been glued to all week.

Prompt: “Tell me a bedtime story for adults set in the world of [genre/setting].”

Prompt: “Write a modern fairy tale that subverts the tropes of classic fairy tales.”

Prompt: “Describe the first meeting between [fictional character] and [different fictional character] from their perspectives.”

15. Build a Whole New World

Create a whole new world with ChatGPT to watch your imagination stretch far beyond your comprehension. Then, when you get a solid description of this new world, plug it into Midjourney and see this new world visually!

Prompt: “Create a detailed world with its geography, cultures, magic system, religions, etc.”

Prompt: “Describe an alien civilization on a planet with [set of conditions].”

Prompt: “Design a new fantasy race with its history, abilities, traditions, and more.”

16. Play Fun Improv Games

Looking to roll the dice and mix up your ChatGPT experience?

Forget mundane conversations and get into a world of hilariously unpredictable improv games and wild storytelling prompts. Who knew your AI assistant could become the star of your impromptu skits, right? 

With the prompts below, you’ll be laughing, cringing, facepalming, and maybe even questioning reality itself. 

Prompt: “Let’s play an improvisation game where you give me a scenario and I have to act it out with dialogue.”

Prompt: “We’re doing improv scenes. I’ll set the scene and you assign me a character/objective to play out.”

17. Blast Away Creative Constraints with GPT

Challenge ChatGPT with the prompts below. At first, you’ll think there is no way a machine could solve these tasks. You’re wrong.

Prompt: “Tell a story using only the letters from a [particular word] in alphabetical order.”

Prompt: “Write a few paragraphs of a story without using the letter [e, s, etc].”

Prompt: “Describe a scene using each of these [10 random words] exactly once.”

18. Debates and Discussions

I don’t like debating anyone, other than my employees. They suck.

You’re probably different from me if you want to run any of the prompts below. The good news is it doesn’t matter how heated you get during the debate – ChatGPT is incapable of slapping you.

Prompt: “Let’s have a formal debate, I’ll take the pro side and you argue against [controversial topic].”

Prompt: “Explain both sides of the argument around [complex issue] as objectively as possible.”

Prompt: “We’re having a Socratic discussion, ask me open-ended questions about [subject] and I’ll respond.”

19. Linguistic Exploration with ChatGPT

Explore language in a way you never thought of with the prompts below. 

Prompt: “Translate this paragraph into [language] then back to English in an overly literal way.”

Prompt: “Take this conversation and rewrite it in [dialect/unique way of speaking].”

Prompt: “Describe this scene in the style of a [literary genre/author’s writing style].”

Wrapping it up

We’ve just scratched the surface of all the wild, cool, and wonderful ways you can use ChatGPT to inject some fun into your daily routine. From playing word games and doing creative writing exercises without a gym to analyzing your favorite media and planning your next big adventure to Thailand, the possibilities are truly endless. ChatGPT isn’t just a tool—it’s your ticket to a world of endless entertainment and exploration, 24/7.

Start experimenting with these prompts if you haven’t already. Wait, what was that? Have you already run all of them? Good work. We love you.

Whether you’re looking to kill time, spark some creativity, or simply have a good laugh, ChatGPT is here to help. 

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Until next time, prompt the planet.

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