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Niji v6 in Midjourney: 14 Awesome Prompts & Stunning Images!

by Nick Smith
Niji v6 - Midjourney - Beautiful Anime Girl

Midjourney’s Niji v6 is another step towards absolute domination in the easy creation of custom anime-style images using AI.

Niji v6 was released in January 2024, and like all things Midjourney, it doesn’t disappoint.

Although currently in Alpha, Niji 6 is fully baked enough to have a blast with.

I’m not even an anime fan, but creating art with Niji is fun even for people like me who don’t necessarily see the appeal.

In this article, you’ll get 14 Niji v6 prompts to rock with in Midjourney, as well as a bunch of technical information and tips if you’re a total nerd.

How to Access Niji v6 in Midjourney

There are two simple ways to use Niji 6. Here they are:

1.) Add “–niji 6” to the end of your prompt. Yes, that’s it.

2.) Use the Niji server in Discord instead of sending a direct message to the main Midjourney bot.

If you want or need more detail, simply check out our Niji mode post, which includes a lot of hand-holding.

When determining what type of art to create with Niji, it’s always a safe choice to go with cartoon characters, Japanese-style art or comics, coloring book images, or really just anything in between. Get creative and experiment to see what you like. You’ll be surprised at how much works well with Niji.

Tips for Niji 6 – Before You Get Started

I swear I didn’t mean for that to rhyme. So lame.

  • All the Midjourney features you’ve come to love are now available.
    When Niji 6 was first released, all of the standard awesome features in Midjourney like Vary (Region), Zoom Out, and Pan, were not available. That just changed. All of those are now available. High five.
  • Tone down the anime aesthetic if you want.
    Although the main point behind Niji is its anime aesthetic, there is a way to tone it down to see if you like the result better. To do that, simply add “–style raw” to your prompt.
  • Add text to your images.
    Simple text can be added to your images. Short phrases work best. To do this, include the text you want in “quotes” in your prompt. See our prompts before for examples.
  • Stylize values don’t have much of an effect.
    Do you use the “–s” parameter in your prompts? Me neither. But in case you do, just don’t. It won’t affect your image much in Niji v6.
  • Keep chaos values low.
    Keeping chaos (parameter: “–chaos”) values low (between 0 and 6) is recommended to avoid generating nonsensical images. Higher chaos values can result in unclear and unusable images.

Midjourney Niji v6 Prompts

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…the prompts that make it happen.

Or maybe you just scrolled to this section instead. Whatever. Don’t worry, I’m not offended!

I “worked” hard to produce 14 awesome examples that are both diverse and creative. Sure, you’ll see multiple fat people, but they’re distinct from one another.

1. Niji Teen Angst

Niji v6 - Teenager Boy Breaking out of Jail

With the level of determination etched on his face and the sheer “I won’t take no for an answer” vibe to his escape, you’ve got to wonder if he was incarcerated for bending the laws of physics along with his jail bars. Tattoos that probably took longer to ink than his time served for public urination, and a gaze that says, “The only bars I’ll accept are chocolate, dog.”

2. Cyber Rain: The City’s Tears in Niji

Niji v6 - Rainy City

I know, I know. Another neon city image. This one is different though.

This one is a neon-drenched cityscape where the rain isn’t just rain—it’s atmosphere. You can almost hear the synthesized beats dropping harder than the rain, while the puddles act like mirrors to the soul of the city, or at least to the flashy advertisements.

3. Niji Old School Kool

Niji v6 - Old Man Closeup with Sunglasses

I wanted a piece of art that showed an older character in a way that’s both unique and stylish in a way that would typically be reserved for a younger character. The strong colors and sharp lines make the image stand out, giving off a feeling that this guy has some interesting stories to tell. It’s a neat blend of old and new that demands your attention…so pay attention.

4. Eye Saw Red: Smoke & Silence from Niji

Niji v6 - Night Smoker

We don’t condone smoking cigarettes, but something about it infuses cancerous flavor into art that you just can’t deny.

5. Neon Niji Nights

Niji v6 - Guy in Japan in the Rain

This is a remake of one of our favorite RTP Niji creations from a few months ago. I wanted to see what it would look like with the latest version of Niji. The original is also featured in our Midjourney Art Gallery.

6. Niji Nails Heartbreak

Niji v6 - Depressed Man

I wanted to see what AI would interpret “heartbreak” as. This is accurate AF to a scary degree. The next time you feel heartbroken, come back to this page and look at this image again. Then, tell all your friends about it.

7. Harvest Moon over the Niji AZ Desert

Niji v6 - Flagstaff Arizona Mountains and Landscape

It’s sick how something without a heartbeat can create something that almost makes you want to take a deep breath of fresh mountain air. Well, almost.

8. Packed with Fat Snacks

Niji v6 - Fat Man in Camo Eating Snacks

Pop art with a side of pop tarts and farts.

Remember, you can add text to your niji images too. In this case, I incorporated “snacks” in the prompt.

9. Skyfall: A Fatty’s Descent into Niji

Niji v6 - Fat Black Man Falling from the Sky While Smoking

Let your imagination run wild by seeing how Midjourney handles fat people falling from the sky. Don’t worry, there’s a second one underneath.

10. Airdrop

Niji v6 - Fat Man in Camo Falling from the Sky with a Balloon

Just another fat man falling from the sky.

11. Dark Circuits in Niji

Niji v6 - Evil Robot Cartoon

If this is the AI’s audition for a futuristic action movie, I’d say it’s got the lead role in the bag.

12. Crumbling Towards a Niji Future

Niji v6 - Crumbling Downtown Buildings

If you were paying attention, this is the same prompt from earlier in the post. Personally, I think this one is much better.

It kind of looks like a scene straight out of a movie where the budget ran out right before the CGI team could finish the destruction sequence.

13. Colors of Wonder

Niji v6 - Beautiful Anime Girl with Colorful Hair

Striking and vibrant colors are still alive and well with Niji, along with piercing eyes.

14. Wearing VR While Driving a Car Off a F*cking Cliff

Niji v6 - Driving a Car Over a Cliff with VR Headset

Fresh with the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, the newest and hippest thing for high schoolers will be wearing VR devices while driving. In this case, Tanner got carried away and over a cliff. Oops.

Wrapping it up

I’m sure you’ve already read the Run The Prompts Niji mode article. If you haven’t, be sure to hit that one for a well-rounded education on all things Niji and for more sick Niji prompts to add to your repertoire.

Did you try any of these Niji v6 prompts? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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