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Psychedelic Midjourney Prompts That Will Shatter Your Reality!

by Nick Smith
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Midjourney - Psychedelic Art - Skittles

Have you ever found yourself lost in a maze of your thoughts, dreaming up wild and crazy images from another dimension? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Today at Run The Prompts, we’re cracking into the world of psychedelic Midjourney prompts. Let’s explore this mind-bending alternate universe that you never knew you needed!

These psychedelic Midjourney prompts help create images that twist your imagination into a pretzel. Delicious.

Without further ado, break out your black light and extra strength Visine, and get ready to treat your eyeballs to some killer AI art.

Psychedelic Midjourney Prompt #1: Digital Future

(Copy/Paste in Midjourney)
A dreamlike cityscape in the future in Asia with towering extremely tall skyscraper buildings, bright neon lights, vibrant colors, flying cars, reflective surfaces, people on hoverboards, dark background, unsettling, cinematic, 8k –ar 2:3 –v 5.1

Midjourney - Psychedelic Prompt - Digital Future

This image looks like a movie poster. The movie, “Digital Future,” is about a scrappy, rebellious teenager who wins a global contest to enter a time machine. He traveled into the future in the precise year that he requested but quickly became addicted to AI technology and regretted his ballsy decision. It would become a monster hit and remembered for its haunting predictions.

As for the prompt, as you can see, Midjourney clearly ignored my instructions in the prompt to use hoverboards and flying cars. However, I’m glad it did because the image would’ve been too cluttered if it had been included. Good decision, MJ.

Psychedelic Prompt #2: Skittle Forest

(Copy/Paste in Midjourney)
A psychedelic landscape with melting mountains, swirling clouds, and dancing trees, inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch, and made with the colored skittles –v 5.1

Midjourney - Psychedelic Prompt - Skittle Forrest

Half nightmare and half utopia, Skittle Forest is a place that will delight and terrify you at the same time. Just as you start sipping delicious Skittle-flavored water from the stream, a giant tree begins barking orders at you.

As for the Midjourney prompt, be sure to experiment with keywords like “inspired by the works of (insert artist here).” With that said, note the fact that you’d be teetering on an ethical balance beam. However, as long as you don’t sell it, I don’t see a big problem. Especially if the artist is no longer with us.

Psychedelic Prompt #3: Digital Future + Skittle Forest

(Copy/Paste in Midjourney)
https://s.mj.run/pKL9lB9pOgk https://s.mj.run/EWhr5W_TOw0 alien planet, a road made of skittles, post-apocalyptic, fisheye lens, lightning, colourful, ultra detailed –ar 2:3 –v 5.1

Midjourney - Psychedelic Art - Skittles

Look familiar? I hope so. I used a Midjourney image prompt to combine images #1 and #2, added a psychedelic prompt after it, and out came this.

Honestly, this might be my favorite piece of AI art so far. The attention to detail is simply unbelievable. The road has footprints to the point where even the slightest impact leaves an impression. The sharp mountains create a visual cage around the subject. Giant Skittles litter the sidewalks, roads, and landscape. It is the perfect psychedelic image. And now, the psychedelic Midjourney prompt for it is yours to have and experiment with. You’re welcome.

Psychedelic Prompt #4: Shape Shifter

(Copy/Paste in Midjourney)
A dreamlike scene with floating shapes, geometric patterns, and vibrant colors. The shapes should be abstract and otherworldly, and the colors should be bright and eye-catching. The scene should be peaceful and serene, like something out of a dream. –v 5.1

Midjourney - Psychedelic Prompt - Shape Shifter

Welcome to the world of Shape Shifter. Where every object you see becomes a vibrant, beautiful, and simple shape, hovering underneath the next.

There is nothing complicated about the Midjourney prompt, and it flows just as a few normal sentences would. This is a lesson in prompting: crafting entire sentences can work in Midjourney too.

Psychedelic Prompt #5: The Blob

(Copy/Paste in Midjourney)
A kaleidoscopic kaleidoscope of swirling colors and patterns, vibrant colors, melting, dripping –v 5.1

Midjourney - Psychedelic Prompt - The Blob

Sick! Print this out, put it on your wall, and watch every hippie that walks by be in awe.

Psychedelic Midjourney Prompt #6: Face The Music

(Copy/Paste in Midjourney)
incredibly detailed psychedelic art of Dissolution of zen, alien god in the rainbow divine flow, black background, incredible detail, meditative art, soft colorful day light, everything around us has a vision, ayahuasca, spiritual nature, ultra high resolution, 8k –ar 3:2 –v 4

Midjourney - Psychedelic Prompt - Face The Music

The most complex psychedelic Midjourney prompt on this page is arguably the worst in my opinion. That’s why I listed it last.

Face The Music is a visual representation of facing the consequences of your actions. They could create fireworks or could just as easily go up in smoke.

Wrapping it up

In a world where thoughts run wild and imagination knows no bounds, psychedelic Midjourney prompts have taken us on a mind-blowing adventure. They’ve twisted our imaginations and unleashed a universe of creativity we never knew existed.

With Midjourney and AI art, there really is no limit. The sky isn’t even the limit. The other side of the galaxy is. And then, just after you reach the other side, Midjourney gets an update. And then you’re right back to where you started, and the crazy adventure begins again.

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