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Midjourney v6 vs. v5.2 – 10 Awesome Side-by-Side Images & Prompts!

by Nick Smith
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Midjourney Version 6 vs. Version 5.2 Comparison - Psychedelic Art

Midjourney v6 dropped unexpectedly in mid-to-late December 2023, just in time for Christmas. And oh, what a nice gift it has already been.

Rather than go from v5.2 to v5.3, Midjourney catapulted straight to v6 instead. Although it’s bold to make a jump like that, they landed squarely on their feet with a round of applause.

I’ve kept a close eye on how often people searched for Midjourney throughout 2023, and unfortunately, it’s been sliding for the better part of the last nine months.

Midjourney Prompts - Google Trends

I’m sure Midjourney was aware of this, and they knew they needed to fan the flames to keep the fans happy.

So, they released Midjourney v6, and I’ve been getting a better grip on its incredible power every day since it dropped. Kind of. I’ve also been playing a lot of video games over my Christmas break with my Creative Director, Dick Smith. He never wins because he’s a loser.

Anyway, v6 is a huge leap over v5.2. Version 6 finally allows us to generate text (kind of), and creates images that are much more realistic, crisp, detailed, and accurate. Also, many users, including me, have pointed out that it’s much better at illustrations than v5.2.

So, let’s crack into nine awesome examples of Midjourney v6 vs. v5.2.

Midjourney Psychedelic Art

Want more psychedelic art prompts than just the ones on this page? Of course you do. Break out your blacklight, and check out our awesome psychedelic midjourney prompts.

1. Version 6 Has the Better Blacklight

2. V5.2 Comes up Short

Midjourney Interior Design

I haven’t experimented much with interior design in Midjourney yet, but version 6 makes me want to do so more often. Just check out the jaw-dropping detail from version 6’s version of my new penthouse in Phoenix.

3. V6 Creates Incredible Cribs

Midjourney Video Game Characters

GTA 5 is the best-selling video game in history. So, be sure to create your own GTA characters in Midjourney by experimenting with these two prompts. It’s fun; try it.

4. Version 6 is Straight Gangsta

5. Bill Gates’ Cameo Appearance in GTA

Midjourney Animals

Midjourney v6 is a beast! Here’s the proof. Just look at all those juicy details in the fur, eyes, and background. Also, Midjourney listened to so much more of the prompt in version 6.

6. V5.2 Doesn’t Have a Dog in This Fight

Midjourney Posters

Want more poster prompts? Check out our 12 Midjourney poster prompts.

7. Don’t Put a v5.2 Poster on Your Wall Ever Again

Text Generation

Finally! Midjourney can now generate text. All you have to do is enclose the text you want to create in “quotes”. However, a word of warning: it may take several tries before the AI gets it right. Also, the fewer words you want, the easier it will be for Midjourney to create it.

8. Version 6 Can Generate TEXT!


I couldn’t find any suitable categories for these. Consider them the redheaded stepchildren of Run The Prompts.

9. V5.2 Has the Worse View

10. “Version 6 is a Legit Illustrator, Dog.” – Bill Gates

Wrapping it up

As I’m sure you can tell from some of these images, if Midjourney v6’s creations were any more lifelike, they’d start charging rent for living in your device. When I told you they dialed up the realism, I wasn’t kidding.

I think the text generation is the biggest new feature in v6. In the Santa image, the neon beer sign says “Run the Prompts”. That tickled my pickle for two days straight. The text gen is far from perfect, and it took multiple attempts to get that image, but the fact that it can do it at all is groundbreaking stuff.

So, what’s next? 3D? The new web interface that Midjourney has teased? Only time will tell. Until then, remember to run the prompts and prompt the planet.

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