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Top 10 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Digital Marketing in 2024!

by Nick Smith
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In digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve requires embracing the latest technologies and new strategies. There’s no other way around it. 

This article explores the top ways to use ChatGPT for digital marketing in 2024, showcasing its potential to drive success during the AI revolution and beyond.

ChatGPT, a digital marketer’s best friend, has the power you need to add jet fuel to your digital marketing tasks and projects. By leveraging its capabilities, businesses can use ChatGPT to efficiently boost their SEO, paid media, copywriting, email campaigns, and much more. And now, with GPT-4o, it’s even that much better.

I delayed writing this article for over a year because I wanted a FULL understanding of just how much ChatGPT was going to shake things up for marketers. I get it now. Let’s party.

Wait. Before We Get Started… Won’t ChatGPT Take Our Digital Marketing Jobs Instead of Help Them?


The AI boom, particularly with ChatGPT, has stirred up concerns about job security in marketing, but the reality of the situation is more nuanced. 

Yeah, it will eventually replace some digital marketing jobs, okay? But there’s good news: if you try hard (just stick with me here) and get ahead of the curve, you could just find yourself at the pinnacle of digital marketing. You may become unstoppable. You’ll be standing on a mountain, looking down at the people scrambling below you with their palms plastered to their cheeks.

Look… ChatGPT can handle repetitive tasks without whining, analyze vast amounts of data without grunting, and generate content at superman speeds, freeing up marketers like you to focus on strategic, creative, and interpersonal aspects that AI can’t replicate.

The human touch—empathy, storytelling, and the ability to build relationships—remains irreplaceable.

Instead of seeing ChatGPT as a threat with a sharp knife, hold out your hand and embrace it as a cerebral supplement pill (have you seen “Limitless”?) that enhances productivity, drives innovation, and opens up new brain tunnels for creative exploration.

Now that we have that out of the way, and you’re no longer shaking, let’s jump into it. This list is in no particular order

1. ChatGPT Can Help Create Blog Content

Do you have or manage a blog? Do you ever write blog articles? If the answer is “yes,” then keep reading this section. If the answer is “no,” then you have my explicit permission to skip it.

ChatGPT is a great pal to have when you need to write blog articles.

High-quality content is the backbone of any successful digital marketing strategy, and ChatGPT can generate engaging, relevant, and SEO-optimized content. With that said, it’s NOT perfect. If you want to use AI-generated content for your posts, I’d recommend doing ALL of the following:

  • Fact-check the content. LLMs are not perfect and can make mistakes.
  • Check for any legal issues by consulting with an attorney.
  • Edit the content it gives you. Sprinkle in your own thoughts, ideas, and images.
  • Run your content through AI detection sites like GPTZero, although note that they are not perfect either. If Google determines that your content is completely generated by AI and isn’t helpful, it will most likely hurt your rankings in search engines.  

In short, use ChatGPT to supplement your writing instead of replacing it. Think of it as steroids that won’t increase your chances of catching hepatitis or causing weird changes to your genitalia.

Want a nice shortcut? Use a GPT I found called 100% Yoast SEO Optimized Blog Writer. I didn’t make it. It has over 10,000 chats. It will provide a nice starting point for you. Once it gives you that, go from there and edit it.

2. Create Social Media Posts with ChatGPT

Social media is a necessary evil nowadays in most digital marketing strategies. Thanks, Mark.


ChatGPT can help generate creative and engaging social media posts tailored to your audience that capture attention and encourage engagement. Whether it’s a tweet, Facebook post, or cringey Instagram caption, ChatGPT can create messages that line up with your brand voice. Wait… you do have a brand voice, right? Right…?

Here’s a quick ChatGPT prompt you can use for creating Twitter/X posts.

This prompt will help you get rolling with your new AI-infused social media strategy. 

3. Meet ChatGPT: Your Digital Copywriting Helper with Perfect Grammar

ChatGPT can generate authentic-sounding, persuasive ad copy that captures attention and drives conversions. By understanding your target audience, it can create messages that deeply resonate.

Want a fun copywriting prompt to get you started? Check this out.

I stole this prompt from our full guide on the best ChatGPT copywriting prompts. Consider it light bedtime reading material when you just couldn’t get enough of Run The Prompts.

If you’re fiending for the best and easiest possible AI copywriting solution, then check out our #1 most-popular GPT called Digital Marketing Copywriter Pro.

Remember the golden rule with AI writing: AI + your brain. Edit what ChatGPT gives you for maximum impact. Always.

4. SEO via GPT


Optimizing your content for search engines like Google is crucial for visibility and organic traffic to your website. But you knew that, right?

ChatGPT can help with all of the following SEO tasks (and more):

  • Writing SEO-optimized content (see #1 on the list)
  • Generating meta descriptions and title tags
  • Creating image alt text
  • Converting images to WebP format to increase page speed
  • Creating keyword-rich H1 and H2 headings
  • Creating sitemaps

I’ve personally used ChatGPT to boost this website’s SEO with pretty much every article on the site, without getting spammy.

Here’s one ChatGPT SEO prompt to try out to help understand the search intent behind your keywords. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Here are our GPTs that I would highly recommend anyone use to put a rocket ship under their SEO efforts: SEO Image Pro: Alt Text & WebP Converter and Meta Description & Meta Title Master. Use both to save yourself time and energy so you can spend it where you want: like a field trip with a baloney sandwich to the unemployment line. Kidding.

5. ChatGPT for Google Ads Paid Search

Google Ads has shifted over the years to using more and more of Google’s AI and less human intervention. So, that trend likely makes a lot of marketers shy away from using an AI tool like ChatGPT for Google Ads, but I highly suggest they think again. 

ChatGPT can help significantly with paid search. Check out our ChatGPT paid search prompts for a ton of details, tips, and prompts to use to boost your campaigns.

Also, there are three GPTs we love for G Ads. Here they are:

  • Negative Keyword Hunter: A useful GPT we made to help you find negative keywords a lot faster.
  • Google Ads Pro: We did not create this one, but it’s a must-have for asking general Google Ads-related questions without the inconvenience of Google searching. Oh, the irony.
  • Local Services Ads Expert: Have you used Google Local Services? If so, you’re in luck. We loaded this GPT with ALL of Google’s Local Services support documentation, as well as a ton of tips and tricks we’ve found along the way while working with the platform.

6. Marketing Data Analytics via ChatGPT’s Data Analysis Tool

Data-driven decision-making is essential for successful digital marketing. ChatGPT to the rescue. ChatGPT can assist in analyzing large volumes of data and extracting valuable insights to inform strategies and campaigns.

On May 16, 2024, OpenAI released major improvements to its Data Analyst tool. Consider it a data analyst glow-up. Now, you can upload files directly from Google Drive and OneDrive, work on interactive tables, and customize presentation-ready charts/visuals. Also, speed and reliability-wise, it’s a lot faster than ever before and typically gets you what you want on the first shot.


Here’s a great prompt for ChatGPT’s Data Analyst tool to use for general data analysis.

With this simple prompt, you’ll be well on your way to understanding your marketing data better in no time.

Quote about ChatGPT improving job fulfillment and learning by Lauren Nowak, Marketing Manager at Afterpay

7. Enhancing Your Digital Marketing Creativity

Creativity and innovation are key drivers of successful marketing campaigns. Well, they’re supposed to be anyway. After personally spending a ton of time in the marketing industry, the sad truth is most companies just want to fit in and do what their competitors are doing. If their competitors jumped off a bridge, they probably would too, instead of building the bridge for them.

In an arena where blending in is the norm, standing out becomes revolutionary. Doing the same thing with your marketing doesn’t get you ahead; it just gets you lost in the crowd.

Here’s a ChatGPT prompt to help get you started on your new creative journey.

Have fun with it!

8. Training and Development, Courtesy of ChatGPT

Training new employees is a lot of work, and so is developing their skills. The good news is that ChatGPT can help with both.

GPTs are currently an underused asset at companies. If you have a new employee, why not create GPTs to help him or her get up to speed? 

Create a GPT for the employee who just left and got replaced. Load the GPT with all of your previous employee’s transition documentation and notes, as well as all transition meeting transcripts (get permission first). Then, the new employee can simply talk to the GPT to get the quick answers they need.

Another idea: create an HR GPT. Load it with all of your company’s HR documentation. All the standard stuff. Then, any time an employee has a standard question like “Do we get Flag Day off work?”, “How many weeks of vacation time do we get?”, or “What company do we use for our 401k’s?”, they can simply ping the bot and get the answers, rather than harassing the HR department.

Finally, you can learn pretty much anything with ChatGPT. It was trained on the entirety of the internet. Sure, it’s not always correct, but it usually is. It’s sure as hell right enough of the time to learn whatever new topic, skill, or even language you need to learn.

Need ideas on what to learn? Check out this top 10 list of Education GPTs.

List of top 10 educational GPTs with descriptions and icons

Note: any time you use ChatGPT or an LLM, be sure to turn OFF model training data, delete conversations you don’t need to keep, use secure passwords, and keep sensitive information off the platform.

9. Brainstorming New Digital Marketing Ideas with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can load marketing departments with new ideas and approaches, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition and do things their competitors are not doing.

Imagine having a brainstorming partner who never runs out of creativity, is endlessly patient, and doesn’t make fun of you for dumbass ideas. 

Here’s a nice ChatGPT prompt to get you some instant high-level digital marketing ideas for your business.

10. Optimizing Ad Targeting

Finally, the last one. 

ChatGPT can identify the demographics and interests of your ideal customers, ensuring that your ads reach the right audience at the right time.

Here’s your prompt!

Wrapping It Up: Using ChatGPT for Digital Marketing

By using ChatGPT for digital marketing in 2024, you can unlock new levels of efficiency, creativity, and customer engagement, setting your business up for long-term success during the AI revolution.

ChatGPT offers a transformative potential for digital marketing, providing tools and capabilities that enhance content creation, customer engagement, lead generation, data analysis, and more. By leveraging ChatGPT, businesses can streamline operations, personalize customer experiences, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately driving success in the digital landscape. 

As AI technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for ChatGPT in digital marketing will only grow, paving the way for innovative and effective strategies that meet the demands of the modern market. 

Don’t expect AI to slow down. It’s your job to keep catching it or else your new job might be to catch a new job.

This article took forever. If you found it valuable, be sure to share it with all of your family members. This includes your extended family, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, distant cousins, and the whole shebang. They’ll love you for it, trust me.

Until next time, prompt the planet!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. You are responsible for your own decisions, so make good ones!

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