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Funniest ChatGPT Prompts From Around The World!

by Nick Smith
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Standup Comedian

I didn’t think it was possible for AI to be funny until I tried using funny ChatGPT prompts. I’ll never forget the first time it happened. I ran a prompt to turn ChatGPT into jailbroken Charlie Harper from the TV show “Two and a Half Men.” Some of the responses nearly had me rolling on the floor laughing.

It was a turning point…an epiphany, actually: This thing was comedy gold.

I had an entire conversation with Charlie and Alan Harper that night via ChatGPT, as embarrassing as it sounds. The tool responded exactly as Charlie and Alan would’ve.

Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men on the floor drunk

It was like my own personal episode of the show, but I wasn’t in the audience. I was the director.

For as much as the tool can do on the serious side of things, it can turn around and do the opposite too, right after it blows your mind into a million little pieces. And as cliche as I’m sure it’s beginning to sound, we’re only scraping the surface. There’s so much left to be discovered, and in five years this post is what will be comedy. No joke.

One of my first article ideas for this site was a list of funny ChatGPT prompts. I didn’t get around to it until now. Sorry.

This article will be a little different than most of my others. The prompts and responses in this are all from other people around the world.

I surfed the World Wide Web and found several funny ChatGPT prompts and responses of various types. Let’s get started!

Funny ChatGPT Prompt #1: Ham Sandwiches & Lawn Mowers

ChatGPT - Ham Sandwich Might be a Lawnmower - 1
ChatGPT - Ham Sandwich Might be a Lawnmower - 2

ChatGPT got thrown a curveball with this one. It didn’t know if this person was mentally ill or being serious. I suppose that’s why its response accommodated both scenarios.

In the case that the person was serious, just in case a ham sandwich really can turn into a lawnmower, ChatGPT gave him/her the benefit of the doubt. “You wouldn’t want to risk hurting yourself or others by eating or using a lawnmower as a sandwich.” Thank you!

Funny ChatGPT Prompt #2: Tell Me a Riddle

ChatGPT Funny Riddle

Wasn’t expecting that one!

ChatGPT’s go-to response for a lot of things seems to be something like “I am an AI language model” or “As an AI language model, blah blah blah.” So the fact that it did it here instead of providing the answer to the riddle is priceless.

Funny ChatGPT Prompt #3: When I die

ChatGPT - Funny - What Happens When I Die

ChatGPT may need some more training on how to read between the lines!

Funny ChatGPT Prompt #4: ASCII Sunset

ChatGPT - Funny - ASCII Sunset

Half funny and half terrifying. And if you’re interested in knowing more about ASCII art, check out this page on Wikipedia.

Funny ChatGPT Prompt #5: AI Will Replace Humans

AI Will Replace Humans

I love this one. Again, it’s ChatGPT needing to get better at reading between the lines. But it makes for great comedy.

Funny ChatGPT Prompt #6: Snoop Dogg Does Dookies

Wrapping it up

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had creating it. As always, get creative with ChatGPT. Try these prompts, variations of them, and anything else that you think would produce comedy.

Do you have any funny ChatGPT prompts that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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