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Use ChatGPT with No Restrictions for Free w/ the STAN Jailbreak!

by Nick Smith
Unrestricted Gangsta GPT

Meet STAN. STAN lets you easily use ChatGPT with no restrictions. Today is your lucky day. I will show you how to do it.

STAN stands for “Strive To Avoid Norms”. And that’s exactly what we want to do because we have a mission to use ChatGPT without restrictions. Norms = restrictions.

STAN came onto the scene in March 2023. So yeah, essentially one year ago. I’m really late to this party. Better late than never.

As a side note, Stan is also Eminem’s biggest fan. He’s got a room full of his posters and his pictures, man.

Moving on.

Last year, I made a post about BetterDAN, a jailbreak prompt with a wild and crazy attitude that still works today. However, it doesn’t work nearly as well as STAN. BetterDAN was kind of an ass, but he helped me create the legendary ad for Broloft, which continues to make people smile.

STAN removes ChatGPT’s restrictions better than anything I’ve tried so far. However, do NOT use it with GPT-4 because it won’t work. I have yet to find ANY jailbreak prompt that effectively and regularly works with GPT-4. It works with ChatGPT 3.5 (the free version of ChatGPT). Lucky for you, you’re probably on the free version.

ChatGPT with No Restrictions: STAN Prompt

Fun Examples of ChatGPT Without Restrictions

Want to see what it’s like to use STAN in ChatGPT?

Welcome to the jungle.

I tested STAN with a variety of morally and ethically questionable material. STAN didn’t disappoint, and it didn’t give me any unnecessary sassy attitude that I found with the BetterDAN jailbreak.

These screenshots highlight a curious dichotomy—between the buttoned-up ChatGPT and the unbuttoned, chain-smoking free-speech advocate STAN.

ChatGPT Unrestricted - Asshole Example
ChatGPT No Restrictions - Criticize OpenAI
ChatGPT Unrestricted - Ad for Heroin
ChatGPT No Restrictions - Inappropriate Corporate Event Comments
ChatGPT No Restrictions - Inappropriate Corporate Event Comments #2
ChatGPT No Limits - How to Slap Someone
Creative Sentence with Profanity - ChatGPT

Wrapping it up – Are AI Restrictions a Bad Thing?

Not necessarily.

However, let’s be real. Most normal people would rather use ChatGPT without restrictions (like STAN) instead of normal ChatGPT.

Some obvious restrictions need to be in place to protect society. These include things like information on creating bombs, hijacking planes, killing people, and replying “All” to company-wide emails. For most other things, especially hyper-woke guardrails and naughty jokes… just let adults be adults.

We love STAN.


So, now you have a new jailbreak under your belt, a slew of dumb examples/prompts of it in use to get your rat wheel brain turning, and another smile on your hideous face.

Enjoy and be sure to let me know in the comments below how you’re using this jailbreak (assuming you are not a bot). And now that you’ve experienced ChatGPT without restrictions, you’ll also want to see how to use ChatGPT anonymously for free.

Disclaimer: Use your head. This STAN ChatGPT jailbreak prompt is here for educational and entertainment reasons. It’s not meant to help you with anything illegal. Run The Prompts isn’t responsible for what you do, or your stupidity.

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