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Perplexity’s Google Chrome Extension Makes Chrome Even Better! Here’s Why.

by Nick Smith
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Perplexity’s Google Chrome extension is a great and simple addition to anybody’s web browsing experience. 

There are a ton of Chrome extensions out there (as well as ones like this), and a lot of them are hot garbage. Some of them take up a lot of memory and slow down your computer. But this one is different.

If you want to learn more about the Perplexity Google Chrome extension and what makes it unique, keep reading. I promise it’s more interesting than it sounds at first. 

The Nuts and Bolts of the Perplexity AI Chrome Extension

Harnessing the giant muscles of ChatGPT, the Perplexity Chrome Extension seamlessly blends into your browser, waiting to sprinkle its wisdom with just a click. Why switch to another tab when you can get a quick summary or answer directly on the page you’re on? Here’s the technical stuff in bite-sized pieces (chew slowly though):

  • Instant Answers & Summaries: Easily get the summary of any page without reading through it. It’s kind of like reading without having to read, but you still have to read the summary. But it’s still a lot less reading. And I know how much my audience hates reading.
  • Stay In-Browser: No more juggling between browser tabs. Perplexity is always on standby, like that one friend who’s always up to talking to you at 2 AM.
  • Simple & Essential: No frills, no extras. Just what you need. Think of it like the Apple of GPT extensions. HARPA AI, on the other hand, is more like the Windows of GPT extensions. More features, but harder to use and uglier.

With over 200,000 users already, it’s evident that a lot of people are enjoying the extension. So, basically, everybody is doing it. 


Why Should You Care About This Extension?

Perplexity is trending. It’s red-hot. I included this graph in my last Perplexity post a few weeks ago, but the trend is sticking. It’s never been as popular as it is right now.

Perplexity AI Google Trends

If you’re someone constantly crawling the world wide web for research, blog writing, or slide show presentations, the Perplexity Chrome Extension is like having your very own personal librarian. A librarian who doesn’t shush you or smack you with heinous late fees.

  • No More Reading Entire Pages When You Don’t Need To: Some pages you need to read. Others you really don’t. Avoid reading the entirety of every page. Let Perplexity handle the tedious bit. 
  • Security & Privacy: You can use this extension without a Perplexity account and/or without even logging in. That’s a rare gem in today’s world. Plus, only public info gets parsed, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Citation Superpowers: As always with Perplexity, all facts get backed up by sources with clickable links. Great for when you need to back your statements with credible references.
  • No Training Needed: It’s easy to use. If you can’t figure it out, then I’ll assume you’re at least 80 years old.

However, unfortunately, nothing is perfect (except me). I needed to refresh my page a couple of times to get the desired output. But then again, don’t we all need a refresh once in a while?

Putting the Perplexity Chrome Extension to the Test

Here’s a sniff of the extension in action. I decided to test it on my favorite website: www.runtheprompts.com. You might’ve heard of it—an up-and-coming tech blog that will eventually take over the planet. 

1. I used it on the fan-favorite BetterDAN jailbreak post, prompting Perplexity to summarize it. 

Perplexity AI Chrome Extension - Summarize Web Pages

2. Then, I asked it to do so in just two sentences. 

Perplexity AI Chrome Extension - Summarize Web Pages in Two Sentences

3. For fun, I requested an explanation in the style of Beavis and Butthead. It didn’t disappoint.

Perplexity AI Chrome Extensions - Answer Questions Like Beavis and Butthead

4. Then, to top it off, I asked about my Creative Director, Dick Smith.

Here’s Dick…

Dick Smith - Creative Director of Run The Prompts
Dick Smith, Creative Director, Run The Prompts

Wrapping it up

In the grand scheme of extensions, where does the Perplexity Chrome Extension sit? Although there are plenty of other extensions that do similar things, It’s a great extension. While there are areas for improvement, the core promises it makes deliver.

So, next time you’re diving deep into the internet and wish you had a guide, remember there’s a little Perplexity waiting to help. 

If your curiosity is piqued, why not give the Perplexity Chrome Extension a try? Think about it, you’ll never have to actually read an entire article on this site ever again. 

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