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Midjourney’s 2X and 4X Upscale Feature is Larger Than Life!

by Nick Smith
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Larger Than Life - Midjourney

With the click of one button in Midjourney, you can now upscale your images to 2X or 4X!

The result? 4X will go a little something like this (before and after)…

Midjourney - Default to 4X Upscale Gif

Our boy, Midjourney, is all grown up now and getting bigger by the pixel.

Or, 4X upscaling could go something like this…

Midjourney - Default to 4X Upscale Gif - Phoenix

So much juicier.

Want to make your own gifs like this for free? Head over to EZGif.com.

The upscalers use AI to magically increase the image resolution. The 2X upscaler doubles the image dimensions, while the 4X…you guessed it…quadruples it for even finer detail. For anyone who cares, the 4X upscaler requires approximately 3X more GPU processing time than the 2X version.

One thing to keep in mind: After upscaling, all Inpainting features will be lost. So, if you used Midjourney’s Inpainting feature to edit your image, and you want that to be 2X or 4X, well, you’re out of luck for now.

Why Should You Care About Upscaling in Midjourney?

• At 4X upscaling, you can print it as a Midjourney poster or framed art piece with minimal pixelation.

• Larger image = more detail, which is good. Dummy. Check out the two gifs above.

• Creating a sick high-definition wallpaper image for your giant computer monitor has never been easier.

• It eliminates the step of needing to use an image upscaling tool, which saves time. And time is money.

How Do You 2X or 4X Upscale?

It’s so easy that I actually thought about leaving this section out of the post altogether. If you must follow along step-by-step, you should kind of be ashamed of yourself. Please don’t admit it to anyone. We’ll keep it as our secret.

First, you enter your prompt as always immediately after typing “/imagine”. Then, click one of the “U1/U2/U3/U4” buttons for whichever variant you want to upscale.

Midjourney - Upscale Button

Then, you click either “Upscale (2X)” or “Upscale (4X)”. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want 4X for max power.

Midjourney - Upscale 4X Button

That’s it.

Some Sick 4X Upscale Midjourney Examples

You might need to zoom in to get the full effect. These are not compressed or optimized in any way because I wanted you guys to get real examples. I’m nice like that. Right-click and download them, and inspect away. If this page takes too long for you to load, then get a faster internet connection!

I also provided prompts for each example so you can try them all on your own.

1. Antarctic Sunset

Copy/Paste into Midjourney
A beautiful photograph of Antarctica at sunset from the viewpoint of a penguin

Antarctica Penguin - Midjourney - Default Resolution
Default Resolution
Antarctica Penguin - Midjourney - 4X Upscale
4X Upscale

2. Phoenix Sunset

Copy/Paste into Midjourney
Downtown Phoenix pop art from the viewpoint on top of a tall downtown building, swirling vibrant neon colors, beautiful sunset over the city skyline, party in the streets, cinematic, intricate detail, hyper detailed –ar 2:3

Phoenix Pop Art Sunset - Midjourney - Default Resolution
Default Resolution
Antarctica Penguin - Midjourney - 4X Upscale
4X Upscale

3. Larger Than Life

Copy/Paste into Midjourney
Larger than life, dark background, cinematic –ar 3:2

Larger Than Life - Midjourney - Default Resolution
Default Resolution
Larger Than Life - Midjourney - 4X Upscale
4X Upscale

Wrapping it up

For me, Midjourney’s 2X and 4X upscaler means I can now easily get ultra high-resolution images to create sick framed art pieces for my place, or my office in the Phoenician Paradise.

For you, it probably means the same thing, now that you’re running the prompts with us.

Oh, and one more thing. How would you like to 4X your 4X upscale?! Go to IMG Larger, and do it for free. At that resolution, you’ll have a crystal-clear image for print. You’ll be the talk of the town.

How are you liking Midjourney’s upscale feature? Let us know in the comments section below. Please. That section is lonely!

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